Rohingya Internally Displaced Peoples' village, Western Myanmar. Photo: Ali MC.

Rohingya Internally Displaced Peoples' village, Western Myanmar. Photo: Ali MC.


Through the lens of a camera we can catch a glimpse of people and places. A picture may say a thousand words, but a photograph tells a story.

- Ali MC


A story-teller at heart, Ali MC uses photography to transport viewers into worlds rarely seen. From Rwanda to Cuba, Burma to Lebanon and the remote Western Desert, Ali MC’s photos bring to life the struggles, sadness, smiles and stories of people from around the globe to create an ever-expanding body of work that is both unique as it is beautifully shot.

Drawing on influences of classic photojournalism and photorealism, Ali MC primarily uses film, preferring the patience and one-shot opportunity the medium provides. Rather than seeing film as limiting, Ali MC instead relishes the challenge of capturing the moment in a precise and inspired way.

Ali MC's new exhibition 'Shot on the Road: Photos from the Eyeball End' is currently showing at the Fitzroy Library.

Ali MC’s work is available for exhibitions and presentations. For more information, please contact Ali MC here.



Shot on the Road: Photos from the Eyeball End (2018)

In 2015, Ali MC's 'punk rock travel book' The Eyeball End was published, detailing his travels through forgotten parts of the globe such as Rwanda, Burundi, Lebanon, Ethiopia and Burma. Shot on the Road: Photos From The Eyeball End is a series of photographs that Ali MC took while on those travels.
Armed with only a small point-and-shoot 35mm film camera, Ali MC captured the brutality, the hope and the beauty of the world around us. Shot on the Road: Photos from The Eyeball End will be exhibiting at the Fitzroy Library from April 19 - June 29.


In 2016, Ali MC visited Rohingya refugee and internally displaced peoples’ camps in both Myanmar and Bangladesh. Displaced from their homes, attacked by the military, interned in refugee camps and driven across the border into neighbouring Bangladesh, the Rohingya have become known as one of the world's most persecuted people.
Upcoming 2018 exhibitions in May-June in Inverloch (VIC) and Milperra (NSW). 

Car Cubana (2009)

Car Cubana tells the story of Cuba through the much vaunted old school vehicles, US-made 1950’s classic cars. Yet they represent a more sobering reality – that of a so-called ‘failed’ socialist state.

Hezbolland (2006)

Hezbolland documents the effects of the so-called July War between Hezbollah and Israel in Southern Lebanon. With access to the worst hit villages and suburbs, and UN bomb removal teams, Hezbolland shows the sobering effects of war on a civilian population.


Garageland: Carscapes of the Western Desert captures the new Dreaming of the Western Desert. Old Holden wrecks and crashed Commodores that litter the landscape, from Ngaanyatjarra, Pitjantjatjara and Pintupi countries.



Burma Faces (2008)

Soon after the Saffron Revolution, Ali MC travelled through Burma by boat, train and cycle taxi to discover the people who lived behind the closed walls of a brutal military dictatorship.

Rwanda Remembers (2004)

10 years after the horrifying Rwandan genocide, Ali MC travelled to the remote hills of Murambi, Gikongoro province, to discover a grim reminder of the scale of mass murder committed in April 1994.