Writer, musician, photographer, and human rights professional.

The Eyeball End  (Ali MC, 2015)

The Eyeball End (Ali MC, 2015)

A full-length "punk rock travel book"; numerous music albums; photography exhibitions; qualifications in history, education and human rights. All stand testament to the hard work and passion that motivates this unique and multi-faceted artist.

Ali MC combines his expertise in the creative arts, unique travel experience around the globe and professional commitment to produce a range of projects that speak loud for social justice. He invites you to explore the words, music and images that create an unprecedented body of genuinely unique and passionate work.

Brought up between Australia and New Zealand, Ali MC saw firsthand the disparity between the haves and the have-nots, in particular, the downpression of Indigenous communities. These early experiences set the tone for a creative and professional life that seeks to explore and understand the stories not seen on television screens.

Through music, writing, photography and social action, Ali MC provides a voice for the disenfranchised and lays down the challenge for change.


Through all of my projects, I aim to inform, inspire and spark the catalyst for social change.

- Ali MC

On country, Irrunytju, Western Australia.

On country, Irrunytju, Western Australia.




Described as a ‘punk rock travel book’, The Eyeball End is Ali MC’s first full-length book. 

Published in 2015, The Eyeball End steps away from the safety net of well-worn travel guides, taking the reader on a challenging journey into the human condition. Although he is beaten and shot at along the way, Ali MC encounters some of the most enduring stories the so-called Third World can produce.

River journeys through Burma. The genocide of Rwanda. War in Southern Lebanon. The classic cars of Cuba. Western Desert landscapes in remote outback Australia. Ali MC’s photography explores the social conditions that create the human experience - the ravaging beauty and too-often saddening reality.

Drawing inspiration from the people and places he travels, Ali MC is influenced by the work of Tim Page, Don McCullin, Carole Jerrems and Sebastio Salgado.




West African drumming, Indigenous didgeridoo, Haitian voodoo beats, dub-heavy bass and the global styles of hip hop. This is the music of New Dub City - an ever-evolving music project that sees Ali MC collaborate with musicians and producers from around the globe. 

New Dub City has released numerous albums and a short documentary, played over 100 live shows, and toured Indigenous communities in the Western Desert, Arnhem Land and Tiwi Islands.

Through the music of New Dub City, Ali MC creates original music with a positive political message and delivers it direct to the people.

Believing that social change cannot stem from solely from the arts, Ali MC continues to work professionally in the field of human rights. 

With degrees in History, Education and Human Rights Law, Ali MC’s career has seen him work with the Stolen Generations, in remote Aboriginal communities, for multi-cultural museums and as a political spokesperson.

Ali MC remains passionately pro-active in ensuring social action through education programs, parliamentary presentations and legislative change.



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