Writer, photographer and musician. Human rights and culture.

Ali MC is a Melbourne-based artist who’s work takes him around the globe. Passionate about people, culture and society, his work often explores little known aspects of the world around us.

Brought up between Australia and New Zealand, Ali MC saw firsthand the disparity between the haves and the have-nots, in particular, the oppression of Indigenous communities.

These early experiences set the tone for a creative and professional life that seeks to explore and understand the stories rarely seen on the television screens.

His writing has seen him document a range of human rights issues impacting Indigenous peoples in Australia and abroad, as well as producing a full-length ‘punk rock travel book’, The Eyeball End.

Through photography, Ali MC has documented the hardships of life for Rohingya refugees, Khasi stone breakers and East Timorese rubbish dump workers, and seen him arrested and detained in the process.

His music also reflects the diversity of the cultures he experiences, and has seen him work with Aboriginal didgeridoo players, African drummers and Indian tabla players.

Ali MC invites you to explore the world around us through a unique and passionate body of work.


Ali MC’s full-length ‘punk rock travel book’ THE EYEBALL END is available here as a free download.

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